Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive transportation quotes?
Many quotes are furnished to you within just a few minutes to a few hours. However, each transportation member responds to “Quote Requests” at a different pace.

Are these ground transportation price quotes competitive?
Yes. The price quotes that you will receive are very competitive. While many directory/referral services “mark-up” rates, you should know that we do not mark-up rates and do not charge commission fees. You deal directly with our members. This allows you, the consumer, to get the best possible rates.

Why should I use over a telephone book?
There are many advantages to using this site over a local telephone book. See below…

Current Database – The database on is current and updated on a daily basis. Most telephone books are updated only once a year. In fact, often you will find that telephone books list companies that are no longer in business and/or telephone numbers that have been changed.

Further Reach – spans from your local area to almost anywhere. Chances are that your telephone book cannot help you when seeking ground transportation outside of your local area.

Cost Effectiveness – is FREE and allows you to contact multiple ground transportation companies without the tolls of telephone calls. *Internet connection required.

How do I know what type of vehicle I need?
For your travel needs, you have the option of selecting a Sedan, Limousine, or a Van. Standard guidelines for vehicle capacity are:
Sedan – Accommodates up to 3 passengers plus luggage.
Limousine – Accommodates up to 8 passengers plus luggage.
Van – Accommodates a group of up to 14 passengers plus luggage.

How do I request “Multiple” quotes?
On “Step 2” of your search, you will find a list of ground transportation companies listed all on one page. We “Preselect Multiple Providers” automatically.
Note: We select up to six transportation companies for multiple quotes.

How do I choose which company I should hire?
After receiving your quotes and information, there are many factors for deciding which company to hire. We suggest that you do not pick a company solely on price. Take other factors and needs into consideration. i.e. non-smoking vehicles, direct service, meet and greet service, late model vehicles, bi-lingual chauffeurs, child seats, etc.

Can I call by telephone for a quote on transportation?
No. is a Limousine Directory, not a limousine service. Therefore we cannot provide you with quotes on ground transportation via telephone.

Why can’t I get instant quotes? provides “Personalized Quotes” based on your exact transportation details. This site allows the consumer to get the best price by submitting exact details to multiple limousine companies. These limousine companies will read the details and provide “Quotes” based on your exact needs. Therefore there is no way to give you automatic or instant quotes. If we did, they would be much higher based on a flat rate to cover all possibilities. There are several websites that will give you “Flat Rates” based solely on general distance, but you will notice the rates are usually 35%-50% higher than our average quote on the same job. Our site is beneficial for travelers that plan ahead.

Will this procedure still work if I enter false information?
No. You need to enter your correct email address in order to receive quotes via this service. Subsequently, entering incorrect information will prevent your receipt of an accurate quote.

How can I contact
If you would like to contact us directly, make comments about our site, or make comments about a limousine company on our site, please feel free to complete our online “Contact Form“.

How can I add my limousine company to
For information on becoming a limousine member of Click Here.